Will To Win - The Book

If You Are Looking To Achieve Everlasting Fame And Glory, Read On…

Excerpted From “Will To Win”

This book is not for most people.

It is for those individuals who have a burning need to succeed and who wish to accomplish glorious things.

Conquerors, world record holders, leaders in their field, embrace the message herein. They know this message is the secret to their success. 

This treatise is a celebration of human excellence. It is a message of the ages. The virtues contained within these pages come from those small handful of men who have walked the earth (when I say men I refer not to gender, but to all mankind). These are men of strength, world historical men--Superior Men. The virtues of these men are why they stand out from the masses; why they are immortal while the masses are anonymous. 

The virtues of great men are developed to levels beyond what is normal. These virtues, WILL, DESTINY, BRAVERY, SACRIFICE, KILLER INSTINCT, and EXCELLENCE; when combined lead to a superior being. They lead to the man who is held in awe by the ages -- A SUPERIOR MAN.

Great men are driven; great men are obsessed. They realize as Francis Fukuyama stated in “The End of History And The Last Man,” that true excellence arises only when there is a burning desire to be better than others.

These Superior Men would rather be dead than be considered equal to their fellow man. Conquerors, like Alexander, Caesar, and Napoleon; athletes and coaches like Ali, Lombardi, Jordan; businessmen, like Edison, Jobs, and Bezos, are just a few of these great men.

If you are looking to learn how to lose 10 pounds, improve your softball game, or get in touch with your inner-child, I highly recommend you close this book and return it for a refund. These are ridiculous goals and the goals of the little man.

If you are looking to achieve great things, if you are looking for everlasting fame and glory, then click here and buy the book now.

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$9.95 Order Now